Thursday, July 21, 2011

I OPPOSE senate bill 22 and so much more.

Dear Scott Walker,
I OPPOSE senate bill 22 and so much more. It is so hot! Speaking of heat, did you hear that PASCH and Darling are in a dead heat now? How exciting! Speaking of exciting, did you know that Democrats are 7 for 7 in the last election races? How high speed! Speaking of high speed, did you know that taxpayers are paying to maintain the Hiawatha line service? It is a good thing that Vos was there to explain that you want the money, but you want to get it at certain time and use it under certain conditions that are convenient for you. Speaking of convenience, have you been in contact with ALEC lately or have they thrown you out with the bath water? Speaking of water, watch this: How ironic that Wisconsin may become the next new fracking frontier? What is fracking? Isn't it ironic? "Well life has a funny way of sneaking up on you, when you think everything's okay and everything's going right. And life has a funny way of helping you out when you think everything's gone wrong and everything blows up in your face." Do you still think everything is okay? Do THEY still tell you everything is okay? Are you looking for life to help you out? Have you felt like everything has blown up in your face? You have the opportunity to do the correct thing. It is ironic because you have been given the opportunity to do the correct thing over and over. Just do the correct thing :) I OPPOSE senate bill 22 and so much more.  

Dear Scott Walker,
I OPPOSE senate bill 22 and so much more. I am not sure if you have heard or not, but many districts who have a contract are now going back to the teachers for voluntary concessions by teachers. Darling (her name, most certainly not an enduring reference on my part) suggested an amendment to your budget bill that will allow this without the contract becoming null and void. This is actually a very cunning thing to do for many reasons: 1. It will offer the opportunity for teachers and unions to look greedy if they do not decide to make concessions. 2. If teachers and unions do decide to make concessions, there is no guarantee how the money will be used. Administration has suggested how they would use the money, but that does not mean they have to use the money to rehire teachers. 3. Even if teachers agree to concessions, Milwaukee Public Schools will be in the same, or possibly even worse, predicament next year. 4. Teachers can be pitted against each other with the students hanging in the balance. 

This got me to thinking about what I do as a teacher. Here is a video that offers a fraction of insight.  Remember, you are always more than welcome to job shadow me. You cannot teach my classes because of you lack of qualification, but you can observe. 

Then I got to thinking about how much I love my job. My kids are amazing. What they learn is amazing. The people I work with are amazing. My job guessed it, amazing! Why is it that people who like their jobs have eyes rolled at them? Why is it that people who love their job are expected to do it for less? Do not give me the "we're broke" soundbite response because we all know that is a fallacy. You are choosing to put the money elsewhere, like tax breaks ( and funding rail service that was already funded ( You are choosing to tie the hands of communities so that education is not properly funded and then make false statements about property tax savings ( 

This got me to thinking about my "worth" and made me realize you are totally getting me as a steal! I am worth more than this. The profession is worth more than this. The students are worth more than this. Before all of the attacks on public employees, I knew I was never going to get rich teaching, but I never felt like I deserved more. I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that I love my job. It is challenging and exhausting and there is nothing in the world that I would rather do. I think you will realize this if you spend a day with me. See what I see; experience what I experience. Not just anyone can do this; unfortunately, the legislation you are enacting suggests that you think anyone can. Perhaps you need this in business terms, since you approached this from the viewpoint of a small business owner. Remind me again, what was the name of the small business you owned? Maybe you worked in a small business. What was the name of the small business you worked in? Who is your small business mentor? The things you are doing and the tactics you are using seem much more like big, multimillion and billion dollar business to me: do what you want regardless of the cost to workers, think of your bottom line and comfort first, and make sure that there is always a scapegoat to blame. Anyway, let me put this into some business terms for you. I do not own a business, but I frequent them often and have several friends who either own or work in small businesses. Teachers deal in the commodity of humans. This commodity is in high demand and precious. You need to recognize and appreciate that. 

Pay special attention to my signature today. You may not know Jonathan Kozol. I recommend you read Savage Inequalities before you come job shadow me. I am not going to require it of course because I prefer that you come, but I think the research will give you some context for an educational environment in an urban setting. I OPPOSE senate bill 22 and so much more.


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