Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dear Sen. Ellis,

Senator Ellis,

   Hi!  I have seen you many times in Jansen's in Oshkosh.  I know that you really do represent the middle class
people in Wisconsin.  I voted strictly Republican in the last election and now I am ashamed that I did.  I heard on Fox
News last night that the protestors against the repair bill are not the middle class, so what are they then?  I was in Madison
on Saturday giving my support to "kill the bill". I was so impressed with the civility and politeness of the protestors.
They do our state proud.  I am not sure you understand the the havoc and tragedy this bill will wreck on Wisconsin, a state
you have served well in the past.  School Districts will lay off teachers earning the most, every negotiated right will disappear and
everything will start out at "0".  Many districts have already handed out non-renewals to all their teachers.  Non-renewals are different
than lay-offs.  This year I am forced to retire because of what has happened. I didn't want to but economically I can't stay.  My son and daughter in law are both
teachers and they have just bought a house in the Fox Valley.  They may lose it.  They have already been struggling with these
economic times since they have both taught in 3 or more school districts since graduating.  They have been layed off or non-renewed and
had to seek other jobs 4 times between them already.  Living with this uncertainty is trying.  Please read the Oshkosh Northwestern's Editorial
today, Feb. 27.  I am so afraid of what this is going to do to our state.

Please consider going through this bill and and amending it at the least or kill it altogether.  You have been in office a long time, I know you
don't sanction the methods Scott Walker is using.  It is political suicide to continue this route.  Wisconsin will be a Blue State for sure
after this.

I thank Dean Kaufert and Dick Spanbauer for bucking Walker and actually representing their constituents.

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