Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dear Senator Darling,

To Sen. Darling:
When I read this article I was very distressed.  I guess I am part of the "silent majority" that you are talking about because I voted for Walker and Hopper. But guess what I had no idea what this budget was going to look like.  The recession has already harm my family, now you are destroying education and hurting my children who are teachers.  My sons are in UW system schools which are going to  be harmed and tuition going to be raised.  I am against this budget.  If you aren't listening you are not doing your job.  I will no longer be voting Republican. I have lost faith in what you stand for.  I see you following what outside interests want.  You are pitting neighbors against neighbors.  And you say these arrogant things to the press. I guess those protestors are right. Shame on you!

MADISON, WI - It’s shocking in its candor, but Joint Finance Committee Chairwoman Alberta Darling, whose committee is now holding a series of hearings and public meetings around the state of Wisconsin, is now acknowledging she has no interest in the voices of those who show up to testify at her public hearings. Just last night, hundreds were turned away in West Allis, as Darling and other legislators scurried away from the crowd still waiting to testify on Walker’s budget.

Shamefully, Darling admits she believes the voices at her hearings have no meaning because the verdict on Scott Walker’s budget was pre-judged last November by a “silent majority”:

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