Saturday, May 7, 2011

I voted Republican in the last election. Now I am signing Recall petitions.

Senator Fitzgerald,
  I know I don't live in your district, but I am compelled to write to you today.
I continue to say you make comments on the news.  You speak so arrogantly and not as a
servant of the people.  I know you are representing what you believe are "your people", but
I can't believe that when you sit alone and ponder you don't ask yourself if you are really
doing the right thing.

I was angry when the Democrats rammed through their health bill.  Now I find the same thing
happening in Wisconsin.  You continue to anger people, skim the edge of legality by your moves, and
continue to enrage the populace you said you would serve.  I can't understand how
you can look so arrogant and speak so confidently.

I particularly disagree with the new bill allowing privatization of education with tax dollars, the
removing of collective bargaining as a "tool" for districts to make good decisions about education and
their workers, the removing of collective bargaining from other state workers, the across the board paying of
insurance benefits when paying that from pay checks will require workers have a below living wage, the changing
of voters ability to register the same day as elections, the paying of higher tuition of minor American citizens who
have non-citizen parents, and the list goes on.

Yes, I do not live in your district, but the decisions you have been making do very much affect me.
I wonder how you believe you have the knowledge to appoint people to oversee Charter schools and
won't it just be another chance to reward more of your cronies or family members.

Pull SB 22 out of the committee and kill it.  Please start working as a servant and not a little boy who
thinks he has all the marbles.

P.S. I voted totally Republican in the last election. Now I am signing Recall petitions.  What you are doing in the
State Capitol is not what Democracy looks like.

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