Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I trust Secretary of State La Follette

Dear Governor Walker,

I completely disagree with what you are proposing to do with the Office of Secretary of State in terms of stripping away the issuance of Notary Commissions and the filing of Trademarks by said office.  I see absolutely no need for this move; the Secretary of State's office has been responsible for this action for the majority of its existence.  It has faithfully and properly administered these duties.  I worry that changing something that is so ingrained into how the state functions will only result in confusion and delay.  So what is the purpose of this action?  Have there been complaints about the Office of Secretary of State?  Why break something that is working?  I trust the Secretary of State's Office in this authority and I know of no Notary in my community that thinks that the Office has failed in its duties.  As an independent voter I feel that the only way that I can view this proposed action by you, the Governor, is as an attack to a government office that is run by someone who disagrees with you politically.  It is well known in Wisconsin that Secretary of State La Follette is a Democrat and has objected to how he was being represented by the State's council in recent judicial proceedings.  Now it comes out that your Office is trying to transfer responsibilities from the Secretary of State to a different department.  A department that I hear may be run by a government appointed head rather than an elected official.  I believe that elected officials such as the Secretary of State are much more responsive and accountable to the citizens than large agencies with appointed heads.  Governor Walker, your push towards more government appointee positions is alarming and undemocratic in nature.  The citizenry should be in charge of selecting their civil servants, not a single man.  The actions of your Office looks like a politically motivated power transfer to me.  I am extremely upset by this proposal and the recent actions of my elected officials.  If I cannot trust my government to act in accordance with what it best for the state as opposed to what is best for them politically who can I trust?  We live in a democracy not a dictatorship.  It is the people's right to choose; stop stripping that right away from them.  Stop needlessly attacking the Secretary of State's office.  I trust Secretary of State La Follette to fulfill the duties that he was elected by the people of Wisconsin to administer. 

From a concerned independent voter,
Michelle B

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