Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why are you doing this to our state?

Governor Scott Walker,

Why are you doing this to our state?  Talk about driving a wedge into the heart of the population and splitting us apart when you should be trying to unite us.  As a leader you are failing.  A leader must be able to compromise; he must be willing to have open dialogue with those who think differently from him.  Your unwillingness to negotiate with the public workers’ unions is appalling and quite disturbing.  I don’t remember you running on a campaign to cripple public unions, the only groups that even hinted at it in their fliers were the unions, who at the time I thought were sensationalizing.  I guess they were right.  I guess you weren’t being completely transparent.  Shame on you.

I have always prided my stance as an Independent voter.  I believe that it is important to hear both sides and select the most qualified and capable candidate for a position.  Simply voting down party lines has never seemed like an intelligent move to me. I always make a point to vote but I have never considered myself to be political.  I have never written a message like this before, but I've never been more upset with my politicians.  The bill that you proposed to the legislature a little over a week ago is a slap to the face to all public employees. Even worse, I have been watching the news, specifically Fox News and all I feel is anger.  The depiction of the public workers in this state by not only the media but also the GOP is offensive and obviously spun so far right that it is nonfactual.  So much for a no spin zone.  One implication that I found extremely offensive which was expressed by a Republican State Senator was that you had to send the Republican Senators home because you were all afraid for their safety!  That is ridiculous.  There have been large protests all week and the police have hardly had to step in at all.  I might argue that the protests seem safer than the State Fair.  How dare you vilify my public employees!  The use of words like "lazy" and "freeloader" is also offensive.  When was the last time that you crawled through a sewer to make sure that I had clean drinking water?  Public workers are the backbone of the state and they DO NOT deserve to be treated in this manner. They deserve to have a united voice in issues including work place conditions and class sizes for teachers.  You did not openly run on a campaign promising to crush unions by stripping their bargaining rights.  You have NO mandate to do this.  I have become so angered by your political party's actions that I actually went to Madison yesterday to protest for the unions.  I noticed that you were nowhere to be found.  I am not in a union and probably never will be but you have pushed me to be a union supporter.  In fact, if this bill is passed I will do everything in my power to legally fight against it. 

You are supposed to be the people’s champion, not a villain.  I can only assume that your actions are being driven by larger Republican Party motivations and Corporate greed.  Please show that you are courageous and compromising, show that you are not a puppet, show that you hear our voices. Democracy is built on dialogue!

From an Independent voter who is being forced to reconsider her position,
Michelle Burton
Beloit, WI

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