Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dear Senator Darling...WI Tax Payers Should Not Fund Charter Schools

Dear Senator Darling,
I just read this article about the opening of your recall office.  I read in this article what I think is
some political spin about death threats and saving taxpayers money is included.  My real
concern is about the education system in Wisconsin.  Take back your bill 22.  Why would
taxpayers want to pay for private charter schools that don't have to follow strict mandates that
ensure quality education.  I suppose you believe because they are private they will need to
be competitive so they will police themselves.  I believe that this opens the door to groups indoctrinating
children away from what public school was created to do.  I also believe that many of our poverty
children will be left to attend what is left of our public schools after you have finished stripping them.
I would like to know just what you envision in the future or if you have actually looked into the
future.  Are you relying on the GOP extreme policy writers or are you really a Wisconsinite and
looking for what is best for Wisconsin.

I was angry when the Democrats took over the House and Senate and rammed through their health
care bill.  And bought in to the fact that we need more Republicans in office.  But now I look back and
think 'Shame on me'.  I voted Republican in the last election. I expected clear common sense thinking.
Looking at real problems and working through them. I expected a new way to possibly fund education.
I expected cuts and concessions, but by working together with the people who really know what
is going on.  Instead, you did the same thing the Democrats did.  Now I am watching the education system
I have worked in for 38 years, that has educated me, my husband, my four children, being ravaged and

I am angry about what is happening in Wisconsin.  I don't think saying you care about what happens to
taxpayers has anything to do with what you have introduced in this Bill 22.  And don't say I am out  of
your district so you don't represent me....because the backlash from this bill does concern me and
affect me.  I am a taxpayer.  I believe you are taking away people's rights, and I believe you are
ignoring the real people you represent.

It seems to be too late to change anything.  Although, I saw in an interview that Judge Prosser was changing some of
his rhetoric.  I will not sit by any longer and trust that I am being represented in my best interests or those of
Wisconsin.  Now I am sending out my voice and will continue to.

I urge you to pull back you SB 22.

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