Thursday, May 19, 2011

Office of Sec. of State, Domesitc Partnership, Voter ID...the list keeps going and going

May 17, 2011                                                                

Dear Scott,

There is no justification or reason for changing the office of Secretary of State. I ask you to leave it alone and unchanged and kill the bill that seeks to do so.

Please confirm that you will do so.

May 17, 2011

Dear Scott,

I just read that you do not want to defend the state's domestic partnership law against a legal challenge and have filed court papers to withdraw from the case.


There is no justification or reason for doing so. Why would you deny your constituents the basic human decency of having the right to visit a loved one in a hospital or receive family medical leave? How un-Christian of you; you are a hypocrite!

I ask you to resume defending the state's domestic partnership law against all legal challenges.

Please confirm that you will do so.

May 17, 2011

Dear Rep. Wynn,

You supported Assembly Bill 7 (the Voter ID bill also called the Voter Suppression Act).

I am really curious why you think voter fraud is problematic at all, let alone increasing, because my understanding is that the voter fraud has NOT been documented as a problem here or elsewhere. (For example, a recent study in Ohio showed that the voter fraud rate for that state was only .00004 percent.)

Please explain the factual basis for your statement that “Voter fraud in past elections has become increasingly problematic” (and please include the number of successful criminal prosecutions for voter fraud in the state of Wisconsin for each of the past 10 years and as the percentage of total votes cast state wide in that year).

Also please explain why, if Wisconsin is broke, you can justify spending (according to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau) more than $5.7 million of our tax dollars to implement the bill.

You sent me a letter that alleged that two investigations in Milwaukee revealed thousands of cases of voter fraud but omitted any identifying information which would verify the allegations, which therefore completely lack in credibility. (Of course if the stories were true - they would have received national news coverage - but didn't.)  And of course you did not identify a single case of successful prosecution.

And I love that you mention the generic unsubstantiated stories by unidentified voters. How about you make decisions based on verified facts instead of rumors?

In addition to the information requested above, please tell me the names and the contact info of the persons who conducted the investigations in Milwaukee which you described in your letter and also please forward me a copy of the investigation reports which I'm sure you would have personally reviewed if you were going to rely on them.

Thank you and I look forward to your prompt response.

May 17, 2011

Dear Rep. Wynn,

I don't appreciate being lied to.

I know that the Voter Suppression Act does NOT have the provisions you mentioned. For example: The ID cards are NOT offered free of charge - one has to ASK for them to be free. How many people will know that? And DMV offices across the state are only in limited locations and open for limited hours. How many people lack transportation? Or can afford to take time off work to go there?

You rejected EVERY every single amendment that would have helped prevent the bill from disenfranchising thousands of Wisconsin voters:

* amendment to require administration to find a way to pay for voter ID bill without raiding transportation fund; amendment fails.
* amendment to require DMVs to have evening and Saturdays in every county. Now that we are requiring people to have a DMV issued ID to vote, we should make sure people have access to DMV offices. Many counties have no DMV office or are only open once a month; amendment fails.
* amendment to allow voters to vote without photo ID if they object to photos of themselves being taken for religious reasons; amendment fails.
* amendment to require mobile DMV stations on college campuses if we aren't going to have offices in every county open at night or on weekends
* amendment to have mobile DMV stations in high poverty areas; amendment fails.
* amendment to clarify what it means to have the name on your ID "conform" to the name on the voter rolls; i.e. John F Smith in the ID versus John Smith on the voter rolls; amendment fails
* amendment to make it clear on the DMV form that they can get the ID free of charge; amendment fails.
* amendment that moves the deadline to clarify the provisional ballot to 10 days after the election; amendment fails.
* amendment to address absurdity in the law: you need photo ID to get a birth certificate AND you need a birth certificate to get a photo ID; amendment fails
* amendment to ensure that the homeless and those in transient housing can still vote without proof of residency; amendment fails. Stone, author of the bill says homeless people will now have 'responsibilities' to exercise their right to vote. He also concedes he doesn't know if DOT will give an ID with the address of a public library, as the homeless currently do. Wow.
* amendment to inform the voter if their vote has been deemed provisional. How else are voters to know if they have to correct their ballot; amendment fails
* amendment to exempt towns from this bill; amendment fails. So much for local control.
* amendment to remove requirement that voters mail in a copy of their photo ID when they vote by mail;amendment fails.
* amendment to waive fees for secondary ID's to get DMV voter card to avoid poll tax; amendment fails.
* amendment that out of state license is acceptable form of ID if corroborating ID of current WI address; amendment fails.
* amendment to clarify that if license is suspended revoked it is still valid for the purposes of voting; amendment fails.
* amendment that says employers have to give 3 hours off of work to get to one of these rarely open DMV centers; amendment fails.
* amendment to require clerks to keep voter lists up to date so that you right to vote is based on you proving your qualification as a voter NOT on the potential mistakes in a voter list; amendment fails.
* amendment to keep expired ID's valid back to the last NOVEMBER general election; amendment fails.
* amendment to allow for Student ID's to be valid ID's for the purposes of voting; amendment fails.
* amendment to restore straight ticket voting; amendment fails.
* amendment to all people with disabilities to be required from having to sign the voter roll if a disability prevents them from doing so; amendment fails.
* amendment to give people with disabilities the opportunity to vote with other forms of government issued ID's; amendment fails.
* amendment to make it illegal to bribe someone with anything of value in exchange for signing a recall petition. Kensoha bartender was caught on tape trading shots for signatures. Amendment fails.
* amendment to allow voters to stay on absentee list if they miss one election; amendment fails.
* amendment to require county clerks to post results online community by community and ward by ward on election day. This would avoid clerks magically finding more than 14,000 votes two days after the election in a way that changes the outcome of a statewide election. Amendment fails.
* amendment to allow any ID issued by any level of government to be valid for the purposes of voting. It will save the state at least $7 million on the cost of the bill; amendment fails.
* amendments to allow affidavit to be signed verifying someone's identity if they don't have proper documentation on Election Day; they all fail

You are NOT representing the people of your district - you are merely rubber stamping the corporate agenda advanced by Scott Walker.

Shame on you! We will not forget.

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