Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dear Senators and Representatives,

To all:
Please don't just vote with Walker and not use your common sense on this one!

Please vote against the SB22 bill this week.  Why would we want Walker, Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald running our "Charter" Education system and weakening Public Education even more.
You have to see this is a conspiracy against the strong Education system we have in Wisconsin.
I have four adult sons two who are through our system one a United States Naval Academy Graduate, one a University Wisconsin Green Bay graduate who is a Special Education teacher in a High School, a senior at UW Plateville, and a soon to be High School Graduate.  They have had a competitive education...funneling more cuts because of supporting private schools
that won't even have certified teachers, it makes me physically ill.  Maybe Scott Fitzgerald is planning to put his wife into a cushy job...since she got a pink slip as a public school teacher because of the Budget Repair fiasco.

Vote NO!

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