Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Have you ever been in love?

Dear Gov. Walker,

Have you ever been in love? Have you ever cared deeply about someone? I know you're married and have children, but that does not necessarily mean you've been in love. Marriage makes you look like a wholesome person--makes you a better candidate for political office--especially to republicans who love to tout about "family values"--having kids is even better for your pursuit to the top.

But I ask you if you've ever been in love because, if you have been, you would know that love makes us extend our lives beyond ourselves; we want to be with the person we love--we want to protect them, support them, touch them, share our secrets with them, let them cry on our shoulder and cry on theirs. We want to laugh with them, bike ride with them, hike with them, and, we want to grow old with them. And, part of growing old is going to the doctor more frequently and sometimes even becoming hospitalized. My dear grandparents just died within the past 2 years--my grandmother just this past April--and for the decade (maybe more) leading up to their deaths, they spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital. And when one was hospitalized, the other was right there next to their bed. This is what love is all about.  Is this what you would do for your wife? And, if so, would you do it out of love or for your image?

I'm in love with someone and have committed my life to her. We're only in our 30s so I hope not to worry so much about hospitals yet. We bought a house in Milwaukee and have started planting flowers in the yard. We walk our 3 dogs and play with our cat. We like to play the game Quiddler--have you played that? It's sort of like scrabble, but you use cards instead of a scrabble board. We watch movies and check our facebook accounts. We spend nearly all of our free time together. We love each other. And we do no harm to anyone. And now, on top of everything you're already doing to my family (I am a Milwaukee Public School Teacher facing a potential lay off because of your budget bill, and then I would not be able to afford my mortgage; not to mention the fact that you're stripping me of my right to collectively bargain), you want to strip me of my right to love my partner--to extend my life beyond my own--simply because SHE is a SHE and I am a SHE.  If my partner is hospitalized, YOU, Scott,  have decided that I do not have the right to be by her side--even though that is love. If she becomes seriously ill, YOU, Scott, have decided that I do not have the right to family medical leave--even though that is love.  If she is on her deathbed, YOU, Scott, have decided that I do not have right to decide what is best for her--the one I love--the one I have spent my life with, planting flowers with, walking dogs with, camping with, watching movies with. You surely must have never been in love before.

Someone who has been in love would only want other people to be in love too--and someone who has been in love would never restrict someone else from being with their lover in their greatest times of need.

I ask that you continue to defend the state's domestic partnership registry. Please.

And lastly, I hope that, for the sake of Wisconsin, you will fall in love someday.


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