Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dying On Your Doorstep--What Do You Think When You See This Man?

Mr. Walker, What do you thinking when you see this man?  That he is foolish, that he is ignorant, stubborn?  Many think the same could be said of you.  I don't think people are forgetting about the way you have handled this legislation or the people you are supposed to represent.  Isn't this man one of those?  How are you doing?  I thought you knew some bible verses... Who do you see when  you look at this man?  

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Dying On Your Door-Step Scott Walker - Where are you?

Madison Wisconsin - I'm dying on your door-step Governor Walker can you not see me? I'm dying on your door-step Governor Walker can you not read my sign? I'm dying on your door-step Governor Walker can you not hear the pleas of the people in which you serve? In case you do not know Scott Walker my name is Matthew Schauenburg and I have not eaten in 27 days. I am that man you step over on the way to your office each and every day. I am that man that leaves notes on your door to remind you that I am still here. I am that man whose belief that your draconian budget repair bill will do irreparable harm to the men, women and children of Wisconsin and my cause is so endearing that I can not take another bite until you realize that it is time to talk to the people.
I am that man who is willing to die for Democracy in order to preserve the rights of my brothers and sisters in Wisconsin. I am that man whose hunger has gone un-noticed by you and your fellow minions. I am that man who you can not look in the eye because it is the window to my Soul which burns with the desire to see your actions taken apart bit by bit. I am that man who has asked no one to stand behind me though I know I do not stand alone. I am a warrior in this fight against your oppression and as such my weapons of choice in this battle are not tools that leads to the destruction of society such as yours but rather my silent protest and enormous spirit that intimidates you into hiding from me.
I am willing to die on your door-step Governor Walker; if I should pass before your dictator like bills are taken down, my blood will be forever on your hands and the hands of your Republican minions. My spirit will galvanize the solidarity of my brothers and sisters of Wisconsin and ignite a flame of New born Democracy across this great land and beyond. I am that man who sits in the capitol rotunda each and everyday, I am that man who knows no fear Governor Walker. I am Matthew Schauenburg- Where are you Governor Walker?

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