Saturday, May 7, 2011

I OPPOSE senate bill and recall signature fraud

Date: May 6, 2011 11:04:49 PM CDT
To: Scott Walker
Subject: I OPPOSE senate bill and recall signature fraud

Dear Scott Walker,
I OPPOSE senate bill 22 and so much more. Happy Nurse Appreciation Day! I am not sure the 20% of MPS school nurses are celebrating much, though. I am sure it will all work out just fine. I mean really, why would the most vulnerable in the state need nurses? Survival of the fittest, right? I mean, Darwin would have never invented it if it was a bad thing, right? Wait, Darwin didn't "invent" it, he discovered it. Wait do you even acknowledge survival of the fittest? What about Darwin? Now I am really confused! How can people justify cutting services to the most vulnerable if they may not even believe in the very premise that would make the species as a whole stronger? How do the cuts improve conditions and ensure survival of the species? How do the cuts benefit society? Was Darwin (if he even existed) incorrect? Was he partially correct? Is it survival of the fittest until you become wealthy and then it switches to survival of the wealthiest? Did I just discover something? What will my car symbol look like? Do you think I could use the Darwin fish with legs and have it chase dollar signs? Then next to that I could have a Darwin fish with legs and a coat of dollar signs (almost like fur or even better insulation!). Oh, I think it should also have claws because those could be helpful on its way to the top of the other wealthy Darwin fish. I know it may seem complex and perhaps my picture with words is less than clear. I will work on some sketches. I OPPOSE senate bill 22 and so much more.

Carrie K
"I decided to get into public service for its nobility in helping my fellow man."~~~Daniel Boehnen

P.S. Are you still keeping track of the number of emails you get? If yes, do you happen have data about where the people are standing? You don't need to send it tonight, but I'm curious, so as soon as possible would be nice.

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