Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I heard you are a Badger Boys State alum

Dear Gov. Walker,

    I heard you are a Badger Boys State alum.  So am I, although I went about ten years before you did.  A lot must have changed in those ten years.  When I was there no matter what party they assigned us to, we said "its not about the party its about the person".   We learned about democracy and how to work together to achieve good for all.  I was actually appointed to the Governors Cabinet even though he was from the other party.  I got the appointment because he listened and respected my ideas.
    I can not imagine how much they changed that program when you were there.  For the things you learned: Never compromise, Never talk to the other side, ignore the residents of the state, say one thing in public and another thing behind closed doors,  load budget bills with tons of non budgetary items (okay that last one never came up at boys state) and your prime objective of breaking the other party, is not what Boys State  taught me.

Jim Evans
Oshkosh, WI

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