Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I do NOT support the Budget Repair Bill or the proposed 2011-2012 Biennial Budget

Subject: I do NOT support the Budget Repair Bill or the proposed 2011-2012 Biennial Budget
I am a taxpayer, proud employee of the School District of Waukesha and AFSCME member and a concerned citizen of Wisconsin.I strongly disagree with the collective bargaining restrictions imposed on public employees in your "Budget Repair Bill" as well as cuts to BadgerCare, Medicaid and other important programs for the many Wisconsinites w/o health insurance. The unprecedented proposed cuts to school districts across our state proposed in your biennium budget are draconian and short-sighted. If you don't have educated, competitive and highly trained workers in this state, you will not be able to attract the kinds of businesses that are the future of our national & state economy. Conversely, the brightest and most educated workers will go elsewhere. I seriously question how you plan to create 250,000 new jobs here in WI with your anti-education agenda.   

I received a stellar public education, growing up in Oshkosh in the 1960's, my siblings in Middleton in the 1970's, my daughter in Waukesha during the 1980's/90's. All 6 of us went to state universities -UW-Madison,& UW-Eau Claire - & we're all gainfully employed in professional occupations & are happy to pay state & local taxes to keep our public schools & universities top-notch. This has been the Wisconsin tradition/idea for decades.

I'm so sad/mad that you have made every effort to destroy not only public employee unions but to diminish & demolish public education as we know it now. Public education, public libraries, land grant universities have been the foundation of democracy here in America. Your cuts to education will be detrimental to the public and private sectors. It's the recession of Oct 2008 fueled by Wall St greed that plunged our nation into record unemployment & huge deficits, NOT public employees and their unions. For some reason, middle class Americans would rather blame teachers, nurses, librarians, custodians than millionaire/billionaires with bigger bonuses & executive compensations packages than ever, despite their duplicity in the economic meltdown. The wealthy elite wants to pit workers against workers. And it's amazing to me that many middle class workers buy into right wing scare tactics and vote for government officials who do NOT have the best interests of the working class in mind.

You've created a terribly divisive and unnecessary divide in our state because you refused to listen, negotiate, discuss or compromise and you've tarnished the reputation of a great state. I will hold you and the Republican legislators accountable for your actions via the ballot box and through my pocketbook and economic clout. 

Nancy Bralick

Selfishly, I'm gratified & relieved that I received my education when I did & the same goes for my children. Wisconsin & Iowa always vied for the highest ACT scores in the nation.I doubt that will continue if your budget is passed. Btw, this isn't being "elitist" because if we don't care about quality public education in this global economy,we're all doomed.

Power to the people!!

Nancy Bralick

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