Thursday, May 19, 2011

Have you ever had the kind of day where your head is spinning?

Dear Scott Walker,
I OPPOSE senate bill 22 and so much more. Have you ever had the kind of day where your head is spinning? Have you ever had that kind of week? Have you ever looked at the calendar and realized that it is only Wednesday?!? This is the sort of week I am having. I know that you have visited select schools (mostly charter and under quite secret pretenses); perhaps you feel that is enough to give you a "feel" for the state of education and perhaps even education itself. I assure you it is not. I am going to extend an invitation to you, yet again, to spend a day with me. I will let you pick the day because I am positive that any day you choose from now until 6/16/11 will either be busy, busier, or the busiest you have ever been (I will not guarantee that it will be the busiest I have ever been. I cannot make this guarantee because it is a very definitive term, and quite frankly, I do not have time to think about when I have been the busiest, let alone rate it against other days to determine if that is, in fact, the case.) Please look at your schedule and see what works best for you. I am willing to pick you up at the high-speed rail station, and we can carpool from there. Oooops! Is the Badger Bus still running the Madison/Milwaukee route? Wait, I think I heard something about an SUV perk to your job. I got an SUV with my job, well actually I guess it was for my job. You know transporting curriculum and supplies. I guess technically it was bought with taxpayer money, of which a portion is mine, after I performed a service. Wait, I may have even been a factor in producing more productive citizens and more future, if not current, taxpayers. Is this starting to make your head spin? Let's take it step by step. I do not "receive" anything; I earn it. I pay for everything I own. I pay for somethings other people own and consume. I pay for somethings people are using temporarily (ie: your car and housing). I am busy. I love what I do. I want you to come spend the day with me and learn why I cannot imagine doing anything else. I will provide you the opportunity to meet people you will not forget. I can offer insight into a resolution. Enough about me, let's talk about you. :) You will see me in "action". You will realize we have more in common, as people. You will laugh hard, cry hard, laugh until you cry hard, and maybe all of those in one day. If you stick it out for one week, you will almost certainly have the opportunity to do all of those. You will volunteer for recess and/or lunch duty. You will have the opportunity to play "explosion tag" if it is nice out. You will arrive home exhausted. You will reflect and fall asleep with a smile, after grading and/or lesson planning, of course. You will wake up thinking you are one of the luckiest people in the universe. Perhaps I am projecting a bit; that is how I feel, and I cannot wait to share that feeling with you. :) I OPPOSE senate bill 22 and so much more.


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